10 Years of TRANSFER





NYU Integrated Design & Media (IDM) program fosters creative practice, design research and multidisciplinary experimentation with emerging media technologies. As a research-active program within NYU Tandon School of Engineering, IDM faculty collaborate in research that integrates digital media and society. Special thanks to the brilliant minds at IDM who helped make this production possible: Carla Gannis, Todd Bryant and R.Luke DuBois + all the students on our crew!


the Pioneers Logo

The Pioneers is an LA-based multimedia studio and production company operating at the ∩ of art and exchange. The Pioneers works on brand consulting, campaigns, editorial stories, self-publishing, documentary film shorts, and hand tailored media objects that embrace transmedial and parasocial practices. Special thanks to Saul Appelbaum for helping to tell our story.


Join us to celebrate 10 years of TRANSFER with a virtual gathering and generative documentary film production in partnership with NYU’s Integrated Design & Media Department and The Pioneers.

TRANSFER: Almost in Real Time

A documentary film that delves into the contemporary artworld on the precipice of change – spotlighting artists, writers, curators and cultural producers who first ventured into virtual worlds and decentralized networks in their practice – and the power of solidarity in revolutionary approaches to building, preserving and growing cultural value, together.

You are invited to join us for this interactive live stream presentation and anniversary party: TRANSFER Artists will join us on set and online to share their toast to the future of TRANSFER.

The Plot

ACT 1: Tension: Looking back to 2013 at the state of the internet, the art market and the changes coming.
ACT 2: Character Development: A journey through 10 years of exhibitions and prescient ideas from the artists, with reflections on the past and visions of the future in real time.
ACT 3: Resolution: Post-NFTs we look forward with optimism, announcing a new chapter for TRANSFER.

The audience is encouraged to contribute to the generative film production by tweeting @transfergallery to comment, toast, share photos and videos from TRANSFER over the years. All tweets will be pulled into the feed of the production ~ enable chaos mode ~


NYU IDM: Carla Gannis, Todd Bryant, R. Luke DuBois
NYU Student Production Crew: Yesha Shah, Harsh Palan, Pamela Buscema, Xinran Shi, Josh Chen, Ericka Njeumi
NYU Livestream Crew: Todd Reynolds, Yoojin Hong, Yi-chen Chang, Aman Chopra
Film Crew: Saul Appelbaum (Director), Theo Schear (Cinematographer), David Cleeland (Camera Operator)
Catering: Randwiches
Special Thanks to TRANSFER Fam: Carla Gannis, Lorna Mills, Faith Holland, Claudia Hart, Rosa Menkman, Alfred Salazar-Caro, Regina Harsanyi, and Wade Wallerstein for boosting this celebration