Alexandra Gorczynski


Work by Alexandra Gorczynski

March 16

through April 6, 2013

Truisms is a solo exhibition that lays bare an elemental indulgence in technology. Through a series of painting and video work about the sincerity and simplicity of digital tools, Alexandra shares a personal look at the metaphors inherent in a networked life.

Alexandra Gorczynski is a new media artist whose striking work takes an intimate look at her relationship to networked and personal space. She is based in NYC, having just returned from a residency at Quartier21 in Vienna. She has also shown at Little Berlin, 319 Scholes, Spark Contemporary Art Space, Spectacle Theater NYC, Portland Art Museum, The Future Gallery, Eyebeam, and Vox Populi, among other venues.


Transfer is pleased to present a unique series of work from our flat files produced by Alexandra Gorczynksi. Available in limited edition, this series supports the installation of Truisms and the exposure of Alexandra’s work to a wider collecting public.

Transfer’s limited edition pieces are offered in tandem with each exhibition, and can be acquired online or in the gallery.

Truisms, a book by Alexandra Gorczynski

Truisms (book)

full-color digital prints presented in a saddle-stitched book. 18 pages, 6" × 9"

$35 USD

In this print edition of Truisms, Alexandra has collected various aphorisms from her online presences. Full-color images are presented as provocative spreads in a zine-style book, printed on high-quality stock. A series of digital collages from past work provides the context for a look back at the personal truths that embody Alexandra’s public relationship with her online audience.