LaTurbo Avedon

New Sculpt

Work by LaTurbo Avedon

July 20

through August 10, 2013

New Sculpt is a series of dramatically detailed polygonal 3D structures. The exhibition is the artist’s first solo show, and her first foray into presenting work in offline space. New Sculpt features large format prints and video of her digital sculptural work, which will be accompanied by online performance the night of the opening.

LaTurbo Avedon is an artist-render who lives and works on the Internet. An avatar whose identity is only connected to online expression, Avedon's work offers a sensibility that is geometric, architectural, and uniquely digital.

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An essay by Daniel Rourke has been released in tandem with this exhibition.

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Transfer is pleased to present a unique series of work from our flat files produced by LaTurbo Avedon. Available in limited edition, this series supports the installation of New Sculpt and the exposure of Avedon’s work to a wider collecting public.

For this series, the artist has created a unique printed object — a digital sculpture printed with archival ink on Dibond. The rigid board has an exquisite matte texture on the printed side and a shiny white backside (protected with film upon delivery). In addition, collectors will receive a high-resolution .TIFF file of the sculpture on a USB drive, and are encouraged to reproduce the object to their specifications (recommendations for self-produced editions will be provided by the artist).

Transfer’s limited edition pieces are offered in tandem with each exhibition, and can be acquired online or in the gallery.

New York Formation by LaTurbo Avedon

New York Formation

Direct print on Dibond. 8" × 10"

Edition of 25.

Includes hi-resolution digital original in .TIFF format.

This work is for sale only in Bitcoin.
Contact for more information.