Pictured: Rick Silva ‘Western Fronts’ (2018) from the debut exhibition in our Downtown Los Angeles loft space.


Miami / NYC / Online


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TRANSFER is an experimental gallery that explores simulation and expanded practice.

The gallery was founded in Brooklyn in 2013 to support artists making computer-based artworks, by installing solo exhibitions of experimental media art.

In 2016 the gallery shifted to focus programming on solo exhibitions from women refiguring technology, and began traveling a new virtual exhibition format called the TRANSFER Download.

In 2023 the gallery celebrated a decade of programming with the launch of a generative documentary film project Almost in Real Time and established the TRANSFER Data Trust.

In TRANSFER’s 10 years we have produced 80+ exhibitions of experimental media art, including solo exhibitions, screenings, institutional exhibitions, pop-ups and art fairs. In 2019 the gallery relocated from Brooklyn, New York to Los Angeles, California. In 2021 TRANSFER established headquarters in Miami, Florida.

TRANSFER is led by Kelani Nichole,with support from the Director, Wade Wallerstein.

Statement from the Founder, Kelani Nichole:

Today artists live, work and exhibit on the Internet.  They reach a networked global community, often embedding artworks in the everchanging context of streaming images, open data sources, and instant feedback mechanisms that constitute online public space. Their resulting body of work is sometimes best suited for the browser – at TRANSFER the work develops beyond the screen into the physical space of the gallery.

TRANSFER operates with a spirit of openness. Testing new practices in the white cubes, malleable to accommodate internet-based studios with experimental curation and development in the contemporary art industry. The gallery explores alternative modes of support for distributed artworks, and considers new formats for exhibition, collection, and appreciation of the art that comes to you through the computer.

TRANSFER’s first location in Brooklyn, NY from 2013-2019