Installation view ‘Border Crossing Beta 3.0’ from Alfredo Salazar-Caro (2017) at 1 Mes/1 Artista in Mexico City



Alfredo Salazar-Caro ‘Border Crossing Beta 3.0’ presented in collaboration with 1 Mes/1 Artista in Mexico City


Rosa Menkman ‘DCT Syphoning’ presented at TRANSFER in Brooklyn


Claudia Hart ‘The Flower Matrix’ presented in collaboration with Wallplay in NYC


TRANSFER offers support for artists who are experimenting with new forms of installation and exhibition of Virtual Reality works.

The TRANSFER VR Commission is a platform for curatorial support to facilitate immersive public exhibitions of VR artworks in collaboration with residencies, galleries, institutions, artfairs, and alternative exhibition venues.

TRANSFER seeks to produce meaningful encounters with VR artworks in a rapidly evolving landscape, leveraging partnerships to further the critical discourse of virtual artworks in contemporary art. The program is specifically interested in supporting installations that expand the potentials for embodiment through considered physical encounters with room-scale VR.