October 10

through October 11, 2014

Public Performance in Union Square

Friday, October 10     5 – 6 PM

Reception with the Artist

Friday, October 10     7 – 11 PM

Image Credit

Photography by Jessie Askinazi

TRANSFER is pleased to present the second iteration of ‘HELLO, SELFIE!’ a performance piece by Los Angeles based artist Kate Durbin on Friday, October 10 in NYC.

‘HELLO, SELFIE!’ by Kate Durbin, presents a new form of passive aggressive performance art, reveling in teen narcissism and the girl gaze. Inspired by surveillance culture, Hello Kitty, Apple products, the teen girl tumblr aesthetic, Miley Cyrus, and Vanessa Beecroft, the piece exists both IRL and URL. ‘HELLO, SELFIE!’ features custom fashion by Peggy Noland.

The IRL aspect of the piece takes place in a public space where a large group of female performers take selfies for an hour straight. They do not directly interact with the audience, instead interacting only with their phones. Passersby gawk and take their own selfies with the girls. The selfies are then uploaded to social media and shared in real time.

The first iteration of ‘HELLO, SELFIE!’ LA took place in Los Angeles on July 26th 2014 as a part of Perform Chinatown, LA’s annual performance art festival. In its second iteration, ‘HELLO, SELFIE!’ NYC will take place in Union Square on Oct 10th from 5–6PM. A reception with the artist and performers will follow at TRANSFER from 7– 10PM with an exhibition featuring film, photography, and fashion from the Chinatown performance. A selection of selfies captured that same day from the NYC performance will be available for immediate purchase for $25 each.

KATE DURBIN, is a Los Angeles based artist and writer whose work deals with popular culture, gender, and digital media. Her books include E! Entertainment, The Ravenous Audience, and Abra, an iPad app and artists book created with support of an NEA grant from Center for Book and Paper Arts at CCC. She is founding editor of the online pop cultural criticism journal, Gaga Stigmata, and her tumblr, Women as Objects, archives the teen girl tumblr aesthetic. She has recently performed at MOCA and The Hammer Museum.