NADA Miami 2019

December 5th

through December 8th, 2019


NADA Miami
December 5–8, 2019
Ice Palace Films Studios
1400 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL

VIP Preview by Invitation
Thursday, December 5, 10am–2pm

Entry with Ticket
Thursday, December 5, 2–7pm
Friday, December 6, 11-7pm
Saturday, December 7, 11-7pm
Sunday, December 8, 11-5pm
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TRANSFER is an experimental gallery that focuses on simulation in contemporary art.

The gallery represents an emerging movement of artists refiguring technology, and specializes in immersive exhibitions of new formats like animated GIFs, algorithmic art, software-based artworks, VR/AR, and internet art. In 2016 TRANSFER launched a virtual exhibition format called the TRANSFER Download that’s traveled to public art institutions in San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Basel, and Shanghai. The Download was featured at NADA NYC in 2018, and most recently at Christie’s in Rockefeller Plaza during the AI Summit in June 2019.

TRANSFER was founded in NYC in 2013, and opened in Los Angeles in 2019. The gallery is independently owned by Kelani Nichole and co-directed by Wade Wallerstein.

TRANSFER presents Theo Triantafyllidis and Eva Papamargariti at NADA Miami 2019


(Pictured Above)
Theo Triantafyllidis – Velocity Holomatrix Warp 7
3-channel Interactive Experience with Audio
Duration: 59:44, Soundscape by Sun Araw
Edition 3 +2AP

VHW7 is an algorithmic artwork that allows you to holographically explore planetoid VHW7 and its many intricate ecosystems: disorienting ionic bubbles, strange levitating mineral ore deposits, phosphorescent photonic anomalies, and phenomena even stranger. In order to give a further sense of its formation and the delicate balance of forces that hold it together, artificial intelligences convert its magnetic, electric, and gravitational forces into audio, allowing you to “hear” the skilled and intricate sculptural work that both shaped, and maintain VHM7.

Theo Triantafyllidis is an artist who builds virtual spaces and interfaces for the human body to inhabit. He creates expansive worlds and complex systems where the virtual and the physical merge in uncanny, absurd and poetic ways. Triantafyllidis received an MFA at Design Media Arts UCLA, Los Angeles. His recent exhibitions include solo exhibitions at Eduardo Secci Contemporary (Florence) The Breeder Gallery (Athens), Meredith Rosen Gallery (NYC), along with group shows at The Rubell Family Collection (Miami), Assembly Point (London), TRANSFER (NYC), Anna Kultus Gallery (London), and Roehrs & Boetsch Gallery (Zurich).

Eva Papamargariti – Liminal Beings
3-channel Video with Audio
Duration: 08:22
Edition 3 +2AP

Liminal Beings explores the concept of “automaton” and the different anthropomorphic forms and functions embedded within its ontology. Automata, since ancient times, have been standing on the verge of two states, developing mechanic and human characteristics. Simultaneously they manifest in the collective consciousness as mythic beings, and in reality they are trained to execute and learn respective actions and procedures – thus creating an uncanny, awkward state, trapped in limbo between these conditions of existence.

“What is it like to be a bat? a shape-shifting micro-organism? A critter? An AI? What kind of consciousness, what sort of liminality, what form of transness is at play, at risk, at loss? What is yielding and what is resisting in the stream of any such life? How is an AI represented? How does it become hairy? Contemporary? Eva Papamargariti enjoys the blur of such questions. Her works are renderings of such questions and they come about and move along through improvisations, experimentations, permutations, entanglements, empathy and study.”

-Excerpt from “Let to fall in rising” catalog essay from Nadja Argyropoulou, an independent curator based in Athens.

Eva Papamargariti is interested in the relationship between digital space and material reality, as well as the fragmentation and construction of identities. Papamargariti holds an MA on Visual Communication Design at Royal College of Art, London. Her recent exhibitions include New Museum (NYC), The Whitney Museum of American Art (NYC), Tate Britain (London), MAAT Museum (Lisbon) Museum of the Moving Image (NYC), MoMA PS1 (NYC), Museum of Contemporary Art (Montreal) and her work was featured in the Athens Biennial in 2018.