‘Myopia’ – Digital print on wallpaper. Unique installation series, size variable depending on installation space, 2015. Unique.

‘Myopia’ is a wall-sized glitch image that zooms into JPEG 2000 compression artifacts, revealing what is lost in image compression. Menkman’s maximal view of JPEG2000 wavelets transforms an interior space into a psychedelic installation.



‘Xilitla’ – 3D Software, MAC Mini, Gameplay Videos – Edition of 3 +1AP (2013)

In the hands of Rosa Menkman, ‘Xilitla’ has been transformed into a hallucinatory, futuristic 3D architectural environment consisting of moving images, laced with polygons and dysfunctional objects.


‘GIF Vernacular File Formats’ – Direct Print on Dibond, 40cm x 30cm – Edition of 3 +1AP (2010 – 2011)

Menkman’s seminal series of corrupted self portraits that visualize the language of file formats which influence our media on a day to day basis. ‘Vernacular File Formats: A Guide to Databend Compression Design’ by Rosa Menkman

ROSA MENKMAN is an artist and theorist who focuses on visual noise artifacts, resulting from accidents in both analogue and digital media (such as glitch,encoding and feedback artifacts). Although many people perceive these accidents as negative experiences, Menkman emphasizes their positive consequences: these artifacts facilitate an important insight into the otherwise obscure alchemy of standardization, which takes place through resolutions: the creation of solutions or protocols, and their black-boxed, unseen, forgotten or obfuscated compromises and alternative possibilities.

In 2011 Menkman wrote the Glitch Moment/um, a book on the exploitation and popularization of glitch artifacts (published by the Institute of Network Cultures), co-facilitated the GLI.TC/H festivals in both Chicago and Amsterdam and curated the Aesthetics symposium of Transmediale 2012. Since 2012 Menkman has been curating exhibitions that intend to illuminate the different ecologies of glitch (filtering failure, glitch genealogies, glitch moment/ums.) In 2015 Menkman started the institutions for Resolution Disputes [iRD], during her solo show at TRANSFER Galleryin New York. The iRD are institutions dedicated to researching the interests of anti-utopic, lost and unseen or simply “too good to be implemented” resolutions. Menkman is also pursuing a PhD at Goldsmiths, London under the supervision of Matthew Fuller and Geert Lovink.

Statement from the Artist

Since 2007 I have been created performances and static work, such as the “Vernacular of File Formats” and my “Acousmatic Videoscapes”, in which I connect both sound and video artifacts conceptually, technically and narratively. Other main art works of mine are the “Collapse of PAL” and “Xilitla“.

Right now I am interested in considering alternative ways for performative lecturing. By combining both my practical as well as academic background, I intend to merge my practice into a grand theory artifacts (a study of glitch ecologies) as a case study of my resolution studies.


June 2017 –‘DCT: Syphoning’ exhibited HAUS DER ELEKTRONISCHEN KÜNSTE BASEL
December 2016 –‘DCT: Syphoning’ exhibited at THE SATELLITE ART SHOW PRESENTING ‘DIMODA’
November 2016 –‘DCT: Syphoning’ presented at THE CURRENT MUSEUM OF ART
July 2016 –‘DCT: Syphoning’ presented at the MINNESOTA STREET PROJECT
September 2015 –‘Xilitla’ presented at the MOVING IMAGE ART FAIR in Istanbul
April 2015 –‘institutions of Resolution Disputes’ solo exhibition at TRANSFER