Gannis ::: Zigelbaum

PULSE Art Fair

March 5

through March 8, 2015


Thursday, March 5 – Saturday, March 8 from 11-8PM and Sunday until 4PM (Ticket Required)

Metropolitan Pavilion at 125 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011


Thursday, March 5 from 10-1PM

Please contact the if you’d like to join the opening reception with the artists

TRANSFER PRESENTS at PULSE in NYC during Armory week, exhibiting the work of two artists represented by the gallery. The PULSE co-designed an environment to fit two of our more challenging pieces into the fair – this effort is reflective of the exciting energy coming to the PULSE, and we’re very pleased to participate.

Making it’s NYC debut, TRANSFER presents Carla Gannis’ ‘The Garden of Emoji Delights a full-scale in-visioning of Hieronymous Bosch’s iconic altarpiece. Gannis re-inscribes the triptych by using the newsecular, pop vocabulary of signs and digital symbols, contextualizing Emoji within this iconographic lineage. These symbols are as pervasive now as religious symbology was in the 15th and 16th centuries.

According to Carla Gannis,

“Emoji add a new flatness to the iconography of the past, emptying it of controversy and replacing it with something akin to Murakami’s Superflat aesthetic questioning the “sins” of our contemporary consumer culture.”

Gannis’ digital altarpiece is presented as an archival digital C-Print is mounted to plexiglass with a semi gloss laminate, making for a striking piece that stretches 13 feet in length, and is available in an edition of three. ‘The Garden of Emoji Delights’ series also includes a looped moving image animated version of the piece, five minutes in duration with 1080p and 4K video formats.

Hanging on the reverse wall, TRANSFER presents Jamie Zigelbaum’s ‘Pixel an interactive light installation activated by human touch. Everywhere, pixels radiate from behind glass—they are tiny, formless objects existing at a remove from our bodies; just beyond our grasp. Pixels are the ambassadors to the digital world, representing all that we have wrought there through carefully choreographed fluctuations: pulses of current that result in changes of color which in aggregate form graphics and with time produce the illusion of motion. Ubiquitous and invisible, pixels show us everything.

Jamie Zigelbaum, Pixel, 2013, Glass, Corian, LEDs, Electronics, Software, Edition of 6+ 1AP, Courtesy the artist and Carl Albrecht.