July 12th

through August 2nd, 2014

TRANSFER is pleased to present Sweet Finances!, the first solo exhibition from Spanish artist Claudia Maté. For this exhibition Maté has produced a series of web applications connected with the Yahoo! Finances API, keeping us updated every second by leveraging a huge amount of data from exchanges worldwide. Sweet Finances! collects and reinterprets this data in real time through the internet, with the aim of making the tricky and cold world of financial markets into a collection of pleasant and oniric landscapes, allowing a viewer to forget the meaning behind the data – Maté’s landscapes represent the beauty of financial data on its own terms.

The exhibition consists of web-based applications, installation and sculpture. In her Historic Landscape and Sky Market series, Mate enables the viewer to visit web-based applications that read historical data and real-time quotes from a stock of their selection, and transform those quotes into a plastic format. Traders and collectors can choose a company, range of dates, color, background, or gradient in order to create unique images — then select to purchase the parameters as a printed artwork produced by the artist. This is a great opportunity to invite people who invest in the market to buy their own shares in a plastic format.

The first day of trading for Sweet Finances! launches at the opening reception, and extends into the public space of the web for the duration of the exhibition. DIS Magazine will feature the web release of Mate’s applications this summer. A closing reception event curated by the artist will invite an international group of artists to create GIFs on the subject of finance, bringing trading to a close with a screening of the series


CLAUDIA MATÉ (b. 1985, Spain) lives and work in London. She works in a large area of new media and online based works. Her works come from a variety of formats including programming, 3D, video, animated GIFs and sound. She is Co-founder and curator at Mate’s works has been exhibited internationally in NYC, Madrid, Paris, Canada, Croatia, Italy, Berlin, Chile, Canada and online. Her full exhibition list and a number of artworks available online at