May 31st

through June 28th, 2014


Saturday, May 31st from 7-11PM

1030 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn


By Appointment Anytime with the

Open to the Public on Saturdays from 12-6PM

TRANSFER IS PLEASED TO PRESENT the first solo exhibition from Giselle Zatonyl. ‘Discrete Systems’ is a new body of work, conceived as an immersive multimedia installation for the gallery. Zatonyl models in 3D space, shaping forms whose motion is directed by a series of modified parametric functions. Characteristic traits emerge as these forms evolve. Organic and soothing qualities appear, which in turn shape their environment — a system in which to assimilate.

Zatonyl describes Discrete Systems as “a framework that can be used as an analogy for many situations, but was specifically generated by feelings of entrapment that emerge from consumption and production anxiety… [including] social media, in which indefinite narratives become distilled into simple, digestible content (like hashtags) that exist in a nebulous space framed by a rigid structure of information.”


GISELLE ZATONTL (b. 1986, Argentina) is a Brooklyn based multi-disciplinary artist and curator. Her work explores new technologies to create immersive digital environments with video and sculpture. Zatonyl moved to the United States in 1999, and received a BFA in Photography and Art History from New World School of Arts in Miami, FL. Since 2008 she has lived and worked in New York City – in 2014 she was awarded a residency at Culture Hub to continue exploration of her interests in systems, mechanisms, interaction and utilizing science and technology in Art.