‘Glitchometry Circles #9’ Digital c-print on Duratrans, 36” x 72”, 2013. Edition of 3 + 2AP

In ‘Glitchometry’ each image begins as simple black shape. These images are sonified — imported into an audio editor. Sound effects are added to individual color channels, as if they were sound, transforming the image. The resulting abstractions are printed on duratrans – an archival transparent medium – and installed in lightboxes as vibrant illuminated artworks.



‘Glitchometry Circles #4’ Digital c-print on Duratrans, 36” x 36”, Edition of 3 + 2AP

‘Glitchometry’ is an ongoing body of work from Daniel Temkin, an artist and programmer who produces humanistic collaborative works with the machine. The collaboration is an uneasy one, where the artist and algorithm have conflicting agendas and trade off control in building the work. The result is an exploration of our relationship with machines; a collision between our desire for accessible forms in chaotic processes and a compulsiveness arising from our attempts to think logically.



Light Pattern Machine (Filter Wheel, Arduino, USB Host Sheild, Cannon Rebel XTI) Video Documentation, 2014. Unique

‘Light Pattern’ is a programming language where one communicates with the computer through photographs instead of text. ‘Light Pattern’, like other programming languages, is a list of rules, a grammar to communicate with a compiler. In ‘Light Pattern’, this communication happens through source code made up of photographs. Instead of using words to communicate to the machine, it uses changes in color and exposure from one image to the next.

DANIEL TEMKIN (b. 1973, USA) makes images, programming languages, and interactive pieces exploring our inherently broken patterns of thought and the clash between human and algorithmic thinking. Daniel has spoken widely to both art and hacker audiences, at Media Art History (Liverpool 2011 and Riga 2013), CAA, GLI.TC/H conference in 2010 and 2012 (where he led a three-day session on Glitch and Oulipo), Notacon, and Hackers on Planet Earth, among others. He appeared on PBS’s OffBook episode on Glitch Art. His writing has been published in academic journals such as World Picture and Media-N Journal and has been taught at Bard College, Penn State, and Clark University.

Daniel received his MFA from International Center of Photography / Bard College in 2012. His work has been featured at American University Museum, Christopher Henry Gallery, Higher Pictures and Carroll/Fletcher.

More information is available at http://danieltemkin.com


June 2017–‘Stripe Modulator’ presented at HAUS DER ELEKTRONISCHEN KÜNSTE BASEL
May 2016 –‘Glitchometry’ presented at NADA NY
December 2014 –‘Dither Studies’ installed at hypersalon in South Beach, Miami
August 2014 –‘Language and Code’ exhibition at TRANSFER
November 2013 –‘Glitchometry’ solo exhibition at TRANSFER


Esoteric.Codes – Temkin’s blog about programming languages as experiments, jokes, and experiential art was awarded The 2014 Creative Capital | Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant

New Languages – 
Collection of programming languages written with music, with photographs, or that are only written by accident.