‘Athabasca’- Archival Pigment Print, 46″ x 66″, 2013. Unique

The images in Silva’s ‘En Plein Air’ series are created at the locations they depict — an encounter between the tools of digital communication and the unbuilt environment. The works exists in serial format in public space – online and for takeaway via exhibition. Five unique large-formats archival prints are offered from the series for private appreciation of this public artwork.



‘Ascension’- Archival Print on Aluminum 22 ½” x 40”, 2014. Edition 3 + 1AP

‘Sky Burial’ takes as its starting point the Tibetan Buddhist funeral practice in which a body is placed on a mountaintop to be eaten by birds of prey. In lieu of bodies and birds, Silva uses quadcopter drones and digital images to reflect on ritual and ascension in the 21st century. Silva’s ‘Sky Burial’ series includes prints, sculpture and moving image artworks that explore a world of post military drones and future rituals.



‘Render Garden’ Realtime 3D (MAC, PC, Linux and video version) + Video 16:9 HD, 10 minutes, 2014. Edition 3 +2AP

In ‘Render Garden’ Silva works within themes he has explored in the last 7 years, including the digitized landscape, remix, and glitch aesthetics. Despite a knowing nod to the “render farm’ — the large computer clusters used by visual effects studios to create Hollywood-style 3D animations — Silva’s “garden” reflects a more personal and experimental style of making.

RICK SILVA, is an artist whose recent videos, websites and images explore notions of landscape and wilderness in the 21st century. His first solo show with TRANSFER ‘En Plein Air’ opened in May 2013.

Silva’s art has been shown in exhibitions and festivals worldwide, including Transmediale in Germany, Futuresonic in the U.K and Sonar in Spain. His projects have been supported through grants and commissions from organizations such as Rhizome and The Whitney Museum of American Art. Recently WIRED called his videos “glitchy, curious things—some mesmerizing, some arresting.” Silva lives in Eugene Oregon, where he also teaches at the University of Oregon.


February 2017 –‘The Silva Field Guide to Birds of a Parallel Future’ presented at the MOVING IMAGE ART FAIR
November 2016 –‘SIGNALS’ presented at the CURRENT MUSEUM OF ART
July 2016 –‘Vibes Accelerationist’ presented at the MINNESOTA STREET PROJECT
December 2014 –‘En Plein Air’ installed at hypersalon in South Beach, Miami
October 2014 –‘Sky Burial’ solo exhibition at TRANSFER
January 2014 –‘Render Garden’ debut at UNPAINTED Media Art Fair in Munich, Germany
May 2013 –‘En Plein Air’ solo exhibition at TRANSFER


SIGNALSis a collaborative project by artists Nicolas Sassoon (Vancouver, BC) and Rick Silva (Eugene, OR). Sassoon and Silva share a broad and persistent theme in their practice – the depiction and alteration of natural forms through computer technology. Rooted in this common interest, and produced by pairing complementary fields of research in computer imaging, SIGNALS focuses primarily on immersive audio-visual renderings of seascape environments. The project draws from scientific oceanic surveys, virtual reality and natural phenomena to generate video works, prints, sculptures and installations that reflect on environmental inquiries, concepts of monumentality, and alteration.