Queer Connections

Size variable (approximately 24″ wide). Mounted prints. Edition of 2 +1AP

‘Queer Connections’ is a parody of the heteronormative pairing of wires, which are divided into ‘male’ and ‘female’ parts. Through sculptural intervention, different typed and gendered wires are connected using nail polish. These orgiastic unions are then photographed and re-rendered as lasercut prints mounted on a substrate that float larger-than-life on the wall.



Ethernet Cords, Ethernet Wall Plates, Lubricant and Plexiglass measuring 7’ x 8’ x 4’. Unique 2015

‘It Needs You’ is an installation work consisting of ethernet ports plugged with cables, arranged in a tangled mass on a pink plexiglass protrusion. Lubricant is dripped generously over the cordage, creating a glistening and alluring sculptural work.



‘Waterfalls’- Animated GIF, 1000 x 667 px/20 Frames, 2013. Edition of 5 +1AP

Filmic media has put pressure on sex to be visually consumable. Actors perform for a camera and an audience, for maximum visibility rather than pleasure. Hollywood, too, has faced this problem of visualization but for the opposite reason: restraint and censorship. Faith Holland’s ‘Visual Orgasms’ exaggerates this mandate to ‘make-visible’ by creating excessive moving image collages that depict metaphors for orgasm with no actual depiction of sex.



Digital Print on Canvas 84” x 47”, 2015. Edition of 3 +1AP

‘Ookie Canvases’ are “paintings” composed of cum shots sampled from pornography or submission isolated from their background, colorized, and collaged together to form an all-over composition. By using cum shots, Holland appropriates the phallus in order to infiltrate a male-dominated medium. ‘Ookie Canvas I’ is created from cum shots from RedTube..

FAITH HOLLAND is an artist and curator whose practice focuses on gender and sexuality’s relationship to the Internet. She received her BA in Media Studies at Vassar College and her MFA in Photography, Video, and Related Media at the School of Visual Arts. Her work has been exhibited at Xpo Gallery (Paris), Elga Wimmer (New York), Axiom Gallery (Boston), the Philips Collection (Washington, D.C.), and File Festival (São Paulo). Her work has been written about in The Sunday Times UK, Art F City, Hyperallergic, Animal New York, Artnet, and Dazed Digital.

From an interview with Rhizome, Faith Holland explains she grew up online, this factors into her interest of conflating technology with identity. Her work deconstructs sexuality and the performance of gender within digital landscapes, moving toward accessible language and imagery that points toward deeper issues.

‘Artist Statement’, Faith Holland, 2011.More information is available at


June 2017 –‘Visual Orgasms’ as part of the TRANSFER SEXTET with GIPHY
June 2015 –‘Technophilia’ the artist’s first solo show opens at TRANSFER in June 2015


‘Click, Click, Click’ – Holland’s ongoing curatorial project in collaboration with Nora O’Murchu