December 15

through January 10, 2015

TRANSFER is pleased to present ‘GETTING READY,’ a solo exhibition and performance from Marisa Olson.

Getting Ready” is a new performance-based project invoking the anxiety of preparation for public engagement and exploring the degrees to which online participation soothes or exacerbates social alienation.

In this show, unique to TRANSFER, Olson will have no opening reception. Rather, she will spend the duration of her exhibition period “Getting Ready,” taking residence in the gallery for a month and opening the doors to the public only for a closing party on the last day of the show. Meanwhile, the bulk of Olson’s performances will crystallize online in a web-based collaboration with NewHive.

Like many of the artist’s previous interdisciplinary conceptual projects, “Getting Ready” plays off of Olson’s interests in concepts of evolution & transformation, training & readiness, online/offline life & practice, fan culture, and diaristic forms. Situated to straddle the change to a new calendar year, the show will revolve around an ever-changing online calendar & visual narrative through which viewers can chart Olson’s completion of various self-improvement exercises, task lists, and daily meditations.

The results will embody the edict that “the journey is greater than the destination,” with each day yielding contributions to an evolving personal narrative in the form of performances manifesting as live events, recorded videos, drawings & paintings, site-specific installation, and a mashup of the above with online research trail crumbs in the form of digital collages posted to NewHive.

On January 10th, visitors to TRANSFER will see ephemera from sketches that became documentation, installations that became works on paper, and rehearsals that became sculpture that became performances; all in the course of Getting Ready.

MARISA OLSON is an artist, writer, and media theorist. Her interdisciplinary work reflects abiding interests in the cultural history of technology, the politics of participation in pop culture, and experiences of gender, and has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, Centre Pompidou, Tate(s) Modern + Liverpool, the New Museum, the Nam June Paik Art Center, British Film Institute, Sundance Film Festival, PERFORMA Biennial and commissioned or collected by the Whitney Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Houston Center for Photography, Experimental Television Center, and PS122. Previously Editor & Curator at Rhizome, she’s contributed to many major journals & books and this year Cocom Press published Arte Postinternet, a Spanish translation of her texts on postinternet art, a movement she framed in 2006. She recently completed a residency at Eyebeam and is currently Visiting Critic at RISD.

NEW HIVE is a multimedia publishing platform. They provide a blank frame and custom tools to simplify the process of creating rich multimedia experiences on the web. NewHive is committed to supporting artists in a variety of ways including through commissions, interviews, events and exhibitions, and publicity support. TRANSFER is pleased to present ‘GETTING READY‘ in collaboration with New Hive.