October 12th

through November 9, 2013


Saturday, October 12th from 7-11PM

1030 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn


TRANSFER presents the work of Rollin Leonard ::: October 17-20 in London



A new collection of work from 50 participating artists

1030 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn


By Appointment Anytime with the

Open to the Public on Saturdays from 12-6PM



‘ANATOMIZE ::: Closing Reception for ‘Trunks, Stems, & Heads”, Art Haps


A handmade publication produced by the artist will be available for collection from the gallery. This exhibition catalog documents the new body of work alongside two essays produced for the exhibition:


“Be a Body, Rollin Leonard” by Marina Galperina – managing editor of ANIMAL New York, journalist, video and digital art curator based in Brooklyn.


“Art and Mutilation: Some Thoughts on the Work of Rollin Leonard”by Seth Watter – writer and curator currently based in Providence, RI where he is a PHD candidate at Brown University.

Trunks, Stems, & Heads is a new body of work from Rollin Leonard. The focus of his first solo exhibition is the human form – organs, limbs and torsos are strewn about, arranged into impossible creatures, disfigured through collision and installed as highly aestheticized, meticulously polished piles of digitally mutilated forms. The work is shiny and fleshy, and offers a new take on portraiture that captures the shifting perception of the physical self in our contemporary digital moment.

Human faces, bodies, and familiar objects are frequent subjects for the artist – he is interested in our innate ability to recognize the objects despite scrambling or distorting the image. A face, a subject with high visual elasticity, is especially resistant to being obscured or lost in pattern. Just as you see faces in wood grain, clouds, and shadows, your mind easily knits human form together even when fragmented.

The artist’s photographic practice serves as the basis for the work. After capturing his subjects at precise angles, Leonard manipulates their bodies into highly composed and calculated compositions of looped moving image, digital collage and plexiglass installation pieces.


ROLLIN LEONARD (USA 1984) lives and works in Portland, Maine where he maintains a photography and production studio. He has shown large-scale video installations, photographic prints, and web-based work since 2004. His medium varies but his conceptual approach is consistent – projecting the logic, meaning, or pattern from one domain into another, often using the human body as a vehicle to do so. Leonard earned a BA in Philosophy and a BA in Painting from the University of Minnesota in 2007.

Leonard’s work has been shown at The Photographer’s Gallery, London; Point Ephémère, Paris; Museum of the Moving Image, New York; Essential Existence Gallery, Leipzig; Moving Image Art Fair, New York & London; NADA Art Fair, New York; and online at Fach & Asendorf Gallery.