360° / 18 LILIA

‘360° / 18 Lilia’ High Definition Photographic Video, 16:9 HD, 36 Seconds (Looped), 2013. Edition 5 +2AP

‘360° / 18 Lilia’ exploits the mathematical concept of ‘highly composite numbers’ and what the artist dubs ‘visual elasticity’ (a common thread in Leonard’s work). The number of photographs in this work totals 360, a highly composite number and one with an extraordinarily large number of divisors. This allowed for several timelines to be abstracted evenly from the set and to optimize the time it takes to syncopate again. The result is the face falls out of and back into order in the fewest frames possible.



‘Freeform Water’ UV Epoxy Resin, Mylar, Archival C-print, Dimensions Variable, 2015. Unique

In ‘Freeform Water’ light is refracted and distorted in water droplets suspended on glass plates. Leonard shoots high-definition self-portraits through the water droplet formation, and produces resin-domed prints that match the optics of the original photographs. Completely absent of digital manipulation, the resulting forms are quasi-3D face blobs. The series consists of 500 unique blobs, mounted directly to the wall in custom groupings.



‘Ana’ UV Epoxy Resin, Mylar, Archival C-print, 2015. Unique

Similar to his ‘Freeform Water’ self-portrait series, Leonard’s ‘Water Portraits’ are domed in resin, photographed through water on glass which refracts the faces of a variety of models. In this series, the water is masked off using a hydrophobic material to form these specific shapes, capturing the personalties and physical structures of his subjects. The resulting portraits range in size from 6 inches to 18 inches.

Rollin Leonard’s work is rooted in crude but systematic studio photography. The subjects are often bodies and body parts and most of the work has been designed to be experienced online. Rollin was born in 1984 in Boulder Colorado, USA is currently based in Maine.

The artist’s work has been shown at such venues as: The Photographer’s Gallery, London, Museum of the Moving Image, New York; Moving Image Art Fair, New York; Moving Image Art Fair, London, Fach & Asendorf Gallery, online; NADA art fair, New York; and at Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn . His work is included in international collections including 53 Museum Guangzhou, China.


June 2017 – New work presented as part of the TRANSFER SEXTET with GIPHY
June 2017 –‘Spinning Pinwheel of Death’’ presented at the Haus der elektronischen Künste in Basel
November 2016 –‘Spinning Pinwheel of Death’’ presented at the Current Museum of Art
July 2016 –‘Spinning Pinwheel of Death’’ presented at the Minnesota Street Project in San Francisco
May & June 2015 –‘New Portraiture’ solo exhibition at TRANSFER in NYC and XPO Gallery in Paris
December 2014 –‘Water Lens, Resin’ installed at hypersalon in South Beach, Miami
September 2014 –‘Water Lens, Wave’ debut at Moving Image Art Fair Istanbul
March 2014 –‘Wave’ debut at Moving Image Art Fair NYC
October 2013 –‘Truns, Stems and Heads’ solo exhibition at TRANSFER
October 2013 –‘Lilia 360’ debut at Moving Image Art Fair London