January 17th

through July 20th, 2014

TRANSFER travels to Munich, Germany for the inaugural Unpainted Media Art Fair from January 17 — 20 2014 to debut Render Garden, a new work from Rick Silva, along with a selection of GIFs from Lorna Mills’ exhibition The Axis of Something.

Silva’s Render Garden works within themes Silva has explored in the last 7 years, including the digitized landscape, remix, and glitch aesthetics. Despite a knowing nod to the “render farm” — the large computer clusters used by visual effects studios to create Hollywood-style 3D animations — Silva’s “garden” reflects a more personal and experimental style of making. The work will be available for collection as a real-time 3D application (for Mac, Windows and Linux) acommpanied by a video.

The Abstractions of Lorna Mills are a set of twitching, frenzied animated GIFs. In her most recent series of abstractions, Mills borrows titles from the irreverent culture of mainstream pornography to describe lascivious Bezier curves bending images in motions that mimic bodily rhythms. Intentionally pixelated and defined by a chunky digital aesthetic, these animations track their making with the visible nodes and anchors of the digital imaging tools plainly in sight.